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Set the shell onto the trailer today.  Looks like the hockey pucks will work PERFECT. They are 1″ thick and leave a nice 1/4″ gap from the butt block to the trailer.  Since they are rubber, I am not going to use the rubber fender washers at all.

I aligned up the shell on the trailer and drilled the mounting holes.  I make a little makeshift “drill bushing” that fit into the mounting flange holes and used that to drill nicely aligned pilot holes.  It was just a piece of aluminum tubing that i wrapped masking tape around until it just fit into the trailer flange holes.  I then used some electrical tape on a #30 12″ drill bit to match the drill to the ID of the tubing.  Worked well, drilled all 10 holes in about 15 minutes, and followed up with a 5/8″ spade bit from the top.  The holes came out quite clean.  Masking tape on the bottom and the fill epoxy is curing now.  Total time to mount onto the trailer will be about 2 hours.

I set the aluminum tounge box on there just to see the look of it.  It’s actually kind of nice that it’s not a separate sub-project at this point.