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Building continues.  Finished assembly of the galley module.  Tip: mix a little wood flour in with the cello-fill epoxy glue so the glue fillets aren’t white.  Like I didn’t’ do.  I’m going to skim a wood flour fillet over the cello-fill fillets to make them match up better with the wood color.

Rounded off the aft edge in prep for the glass tape that goes there.

Cut the holes for the mushroom vents.  They are a nominal 4 1/2″ but ended up needing to be 4 5/8″ in diameter for the vents to fit well.  I used a dial caliper as a “scribe / compass” once I located the hole centers, locked the calipers down at 2.250″ and zipped a scribe line in the fiberglass surface with the “inside” caliper jaws.  Rough cut the holes with a roto-zip bit in my drill (couldn’t find the right collet for the roto-zip chuck) which was a little slow but it chewed right through in less than 5 minutes per hole.  Then fired up the die grinder with a 1″ carbide burr that I’ve had for years and never before used.  All the holes done in about 45 minutes and look nice!