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Mounted the door hinges.  Made up some home made clamps because the tardy are store did’not have woodworker parallel clamps.   Tee nuts and a 1/4×20 bolt.  Doesn’t take a lot of pressure but you need something.  Pretty happy with the dry fit of the hinges.  I used little blocks of shim stock to block the door in position.  For hinge pins, the hymnal says to use the 8/32 screws but that was much too lost a fit to make me happy.  I scrounged various screws and bolts and used the bench grinder to trim their diameter down to a nice, slightly loose slip fit in the hinges.  I’ll just throw them away when I am done, they are “ruined” as normal bolts and screws.  That’s what that coffee can of full random stuff (screws, bolts, nails, wire nuts left over from home repair projects, and a 1001 other things.  Swear I’m gonna find something living in there one day….) is for though!

Forward edge of the bottom of the door sticks out about 1/4 inchn on both sides.   I think I have a solution but it’ll have to wait until the door latch and fairleads are installed, along with the weatherstripping door seals.

Also, some sander love on the galley hatch.  Finish sanded the sheld with 220, turned out nice!  I will goo the door hinge fillets in a bit after dinner, maybe I’ll install the shelf too.  Should only take a few minutes, it has already been trimmed and fitted.  Oh wait, I should sand the bulkhead first….. and that might get done, as I’m having my before dinner scotch, and sanding is always more fun after a scotch.  Just saying.


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