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Here is some pix.  The first one is a air powered die grinder fitted with Dremel tool bits.  Makes quick work of cleaning out the door hinge holes, among other things!

Door sill “bow”, pre-sanding

Right side door sill.  Pretty happy with it, the door fits well.  Note the Tyvek disposable painter’s dropcloth taped inside over the floorboard.  It has caught LOTS of epoxy drips and will make final cleanup of the floorboard much easier.

Regarding the floorboard, if I had to do it over I would find, or cut on a table saw, a pair of 1 1/2″ x 1/2″ triangular strips of wood, or look at Lowe’s in the molding department, and glue this strip on the sides of the butt block to form the transition instead of the “1/2″ round over and fillet” that the hymnal specifies.  Getting the cloth to conform was a PITA and I was not entirely successful, there were some pretty good air bubbles despite my best efforts.  It’s a non-visible area anyway and forming that transition with a triangular wood strip would make that much easier to glass.  I chose to not grind out the air bubbles and just press with it, applying a good coat of black gloss enamel to assure a good watertight seal.  The wood was pre-coated  with epoxy anyway

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