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On electrical, I am going the opposite.  My goal is to have a panel that rivals the cockpit of an F-16.  I will build in a laptop connected to a panel mounted monitor // TV along with a marine stereo head unit.  Speakers in the cabin and the galley.  I will use a powered digital TV antenna and use the tuner in the TV for over-the-air broadcast TV reception — which is surprisingly widely available!  Also putting a dedicated 4G WIFI hotspot.   115V inverter, as well as pass-through 115V (for use when “shore power” is available). I have located a 250 watt electric heater which ought to be enough for the small cabin volume.  Considering this is as well :

It’s $500 but for the primary purpose I plan to use the TD for it might make sense.

I’ll use it for camping and such of course, but my “couple times a week” use will be a portable break / nap “pod” for work.  My work involves real time operations control that runs 24/7, and I’m “on console” on a 2-on, 2-off schedule.  When working a night shift, having a napping spot from 0100 to 0300 sounds mighty nice.  I have to remain on call and close by, of course.