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I will be there pretty soon, Eric!  Good to know that it can be done.

Boy, glassing bye bottom took longer than I thought it would.  It’s the biggest glass job of the whole project, IMHO.  It’s really pretty easy given that it is all flat and all.  Given this is my first fiberglass and epoxy project ever, my experience base is limited, but that said, I seem to get a bit better at it with each major glass step.  For example, I spent a good bit longer laying out the fabric and getting it to sit “just so” before mixing epoxy.

I ended up with some air bubbles in the butt block fillet.  I am planning to apply a couple of coats of paint to the bottom anyway, so I am not going to worry too much about it.

Also, sure glad I added the masking paper to catch drips! 🙂

Also glassed the interior of the vent hatch as well, though I didn’t get pictures of that.  Sure went though a bunch of epoxy today!