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John C. Harris

>>>What size spring clamps (2 inch?) and c-clamps should we be bringing?
Can we substitute 6″ bar clamps for c-clamps? I have much more use for bar clamps versus c-clamps

You’ll use the 2-inch spring clamps the most on a project like this, to wit:

We have a couple hundred of those spring clamps in the classroom so we’ll be able to bolster your collection during the class to some extent.

Will we get a chance to discuss the electrical components in class?

In broad terms. As we say in the manual, tutoring builders on how to engineer a 12-volt electrical system is quite beyond our purview.
>>>>Can I purchase the accessories (galley, vent, fan, roof racks, etc) at the class – or should I have them shipped home?

You can get all of that while you’re here.

Three of five spots taken as of this writing.