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Did a good work session this afternoon.  Glassed the left side , I’m very happy with it, though I did have to call a DO-OVER on the initial glass cloth drape.  I trimmed it too much!  I saved the (large) chunk of glass cloth of course, I’ll probably use it on the bottom where appearance won’t matter much.  I’ll be much more careful on the right side cloth, and I learned a lot doing the left side so I expect it’ll go better anyway.

I did a “pre-pump” of three Solo Cups with 30 pumps of resin and set them aside.  Draped the cloth then added the hardner to each batch as I needed more epoxy.  Ther hardner is considerably lower viscosity and is easier and quicker to pump, and is half the volume as well.  This speeded up the time required to mix up a fresh batch of goop when I needed it, a good thing because it’s a pretty large area of glass to wet out.

Going to do the right side tomorrow, I’ll post pics then.