Reply To: Trailex trailer build


I put my rubber washers under the metal washers on the inside of the fender, so the metal of the fender is in direct contact with the trailer side rail.  I really like the trailer. I already owned a Harbor Freight trailer, but the Trailed looks super strong in comparison and there are all kinds of options to mount stuff to it with the extra T bolts they provide. Its the real deal.

By the way, I was successful at raising my teardrop about 2″ above the trailer on temporary cinderblocks and styrofoam blocks to move the trailer slightly forward to drill my holes from underneath.  This was quicker and easier than rounding up a quorum of friends to flip the teardrop on its back.  Actually I built the whole teardrop with no outside help. I am at the varnishing and electronics installation phase.

Yeah,80ftlbs seemed like a lot, but I did it.  And don’t forget to retorque them after 25 miles.  I forgot with my Harbor Freight trailer and by the time I got to CLC to pick up my kits (300 miles) Ed noticed that one of my lug nuts was half off (but then again I doubt I ever torqued those Harbor Freight nuts to 80 ftlbs). I just nonchalantly took my adjustable wrench out from behind the driver’s seat and tightened them all up a bit, and drove 300 miles home.