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Not being as competent with computers as might be desirable, I could not figure out how to post any text with my picture, so I will reply to my own post.  Building the camper was a very enjoyable project.  The manual is very helpful, the parts all fit well.  I would like to add a couple observations for your consideration.  When draping the fiberglass over the shell be careful not to leave too much overhang.  I had 2 or 3 inches on each end for each layer and was little short of material when covering the bottom.  It was really no trouble as I had saved all the cut off pieces and was able to make up the difference.  Also the left overs, especially the large cut offs required alone the long edge of the pieces that get trimmed due to the curvature of the shell came in handy when applying the fiberglass to the vent hatch.  Mix the epoxy in small batches unless your shop is rather cold.  I found a maximum size batch to be about 25 squirts with the kit-supplied resin and pumps.  Larger than that the epoxy started to cure in the bag before I could apply it to the various seams.  The bunks provide 3 inches of lift to get the camper shell to clear the trailer’s fenders.  The Harbor Freight trailer requires a minimum of about 4 1/8 inch lift.  I used 4 inch by 2 inch rectangular steel tubing with added 2 inch square by 3/8 inch thick spacers to lift the camper over the fenders.  I had to add a layer of automotive weather seal adhesive between the wood and the flat weather stripping on the lid of the galley to get it to stay securely attached.  My kit had minimal overhang at the galley hatch forward edge, but there was enough space to add a bead of thickened epoxy.

My compliments to CLC for a great kit!