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I went out to look at my assembled trailex and determined that I have 19″ of road clearance from the bottom of the teardrop.  That’s enough to go under it in a creeper and drill through temporary risers that are 3″ x @8″ x 3/4″ with 3/8″ holes just enough to mark the camper bottom hole locations; then slide the camper back about 4″ and drill 1/2″ holes through the. marked camper bottom, then epoxy fill them; then slide the camper back in place and drill the final 3/8″ holes through the temporary risers; finally put the real risers and pads in and bolt the camper down. I am planning on painting the bottom in the next few days (not of all worried about drilling  the holes after painting).

I have a serious question for John about the riser location.  The hymnal says to locate them 4″-6″ in from the inside of the side rails.  My Trailex came with them located EXACTLY 10.75″ in from the rails and the front diagonal ones located exactly in line with the rest and all tightly torqued down all to factory pencil marks – as though their engineer feels strongly that that’s exactly where they need to be.  Who’s right??? I’m inclined to go with the Trailex location, but will see what John says before I make up my mind.