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Diving Duck

Thanks for all your replies.  I’ve been gone all day, but went out tonight and tugged even harder on the corners.  Actually made some progress.  From about the center to the rear I have the edges pretty  well smoothed out, but towards the front where  the curve is much greater I still have some wrinkles.  Will continue tugging as that seems to be the consensus of  your replies.  The book says on page 126 to give the fabric a “gentle  tug” at the corners.  The tugging I had to do is far from gentle and I still have more to go.  Darts are not mentioned here, only earlier on the application of fiberglass tape.

Next I have to figure out how to get  the second layer on without messing up the first.  Once I  have that smooth I’m not about to try to do the top and sides all at once.  CLC calls this a “bit of a fire drill,” and that is with a team  of experienced builders.  I’ve built three of their boats, and if anything the PocketShip taught me that I don’t want to tackle such a large area in one “swell  foop” if I can avoid it!