Reply To: Couple of Questions


No problem, ask away.

I think in the summer months, when you would sleep with the fan venting the trailer, there would be no problem with condensation.  However, my parents camped in my teardrop earlier this week and noted that in the morning there was some condensation on the inside.  They were sleeping with the vents open but the fan not engaged, because it was pretty cold outside.

I haven’t come up with a better solution for insulation than the CLC headliner kit.  I thought of maybe buying some cheaper kind of foam and fabricating it myself, but i’m not sure that I could make it look good.  In the end I might buy their headliner kit.

Without the headliner I just hid the wiring as well as I could.  There is one double wire going from the fan directly down the middle of the cieling and then through the bulkhead into the galley.  For lights, I put strip lighting around the door frames and so there is only an 8″ wire going from the forewardmost part of the door frame to under the build in shelf and then up into the galley.  They really don’t catch the eye very much, so that’s not a problem.