Reply To: Varnishing Temperature


That is very helpful as we were just going to use foam brushes! We have already painted the bottom and found with the garage door closed and door leading to the townhouse closed, the VOC’s were too much, but with the garage door cracked open to allow a box fan to expel air, it was much much more manageable, meaning we didn’t smell it with charcoal respirators on. I think we have decided on waiting until the temp hit 75 later this week and avoid the days of 85+temps. As much as we want to get it done, there is just more of a chance for things to go wrong. We are going to dry fit the liner and clean like crazy. I think someone mentioned, in the Southern Maryland TD build that they took things out of the garage to eliminate dust. We will also leave the door open the night before we do it to keep the garage cool. Thank you for the tips faithie999!