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As you are not supposed to discharge lead acid batteries below ~50-75% if you calculate needing a 100AH traditional battery would it not make sense to get a 50AH Lion? This is my plan as I have seen them on sale for $350 with a charger included. If we end up needing more power than that I figure I can easily add a second as a backup.

When I look at the other benefits to me it makes sense.

  • ~1/2 the $ or less over the life of the battery compared to Lead Acid
  • Zero maintenance
  • 1/3 weight and 1/2 the size of lead acid (even less for 50AH)
  • 100% discharge safely
  • Significantly longer life (some say 10x the 500 charge cycles of lead acid but more like 4x-5x with noticeable AH drop after that)
  • If sealed properly no gas expelled.
  • LFP is not the same as your cell phone battery that “explodes” with violent flames and seems fairly safe
  • There are versions that are drop in replacements for lead acid that can use the same charger etc you already have