Reply To: Chocks & Leveling


The first teardrop I built for my daughter was fron scratch and I bought a small bubble level and placed it on the galley floor. I welded two jacks to the rear of the frame that would just flip down when released and then a short steel bar would fit in to jack up them individually. The first thing that happened while taking it cross country to deliver it to Utah was the jacks would free themselves and drag on the highway luckily nothing bad happened and I secured them with a line to make sure they would stay in place. Next when using them in a very uneven place we ran into a second problem with trying to lower them before breaking camp. There was not enough room to insert the rod in the hole to lower it back as the bottom was too close. Now they are kind of tied up permanently. Now what she does is rotate the teardrop to level it port and starboard and finish up front and rear with the front wheel Jack, you will hit a level by rotating. As for blocks we always seem to find enough rocks in the North West.