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disclaimer:  my TD is my first fiberglass/epoxy experience so take my comments with a grain of salt.

if you have any “blisters”, where there is an air bubble under the fiberglass, you definitely need to cut the blisters out and sand smooth the edges of the fiberglass.  then lay in a patch and epoxy it.  as for the cloudiness, I’m not enough of an expert to know whether that is just a cosmetic problem or whether it is a structural integrity problem.

what I would do is send an email to       info@clcboats.com   and you will get an answer within a day.

I have a stand-alone workshop, and I started my project when it was still early spring.   It has a heater, and a window air conditioner.  as spring turned to summer I’ve empirically determined that the sweet spot for working time with the MAS epoxy system  is low 70’s.

if you have a window in your garage, I’d strongly advise that you buy a 5000-7000 BTU window air conditioner.  yes, it’s another $150, but remembering that you’ve invested  $2-3K on the kit and trailer, this is a small additional investment that will save you lots of grief if you can get your garage temp down to 75 or lower.

at the very least, store your epoxy and hardener jugs in the coolest part of your house, and mix it there as well.  if you start with mixed epoxy that is at 70 degrees you’ll buy a little more time even if your garage is 85.