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    First post here, first stitch and glue project…

    I thought it would be good to start with the smallest part of the project so I stitched the storage box together and it’s currently waiting for the epoxy / wood flour mixture at the joints.  I might be over-thinking this (I’m an engineer, that’s what I do), but it seems like there is a lot of stress at the joints between the curved front panel and the side panels.  I’m concerned about whether there will be any issues with the front panel trying to pop off at these side seams while it’s waiting for glass that would aid in holding the joint together.

    Is this a legitimate concern, or should I stop worrying and just glue it up and go?


    Fillets are VERY strong. Panels won’t pop off after that.


    The box front cover was maybe the most difficult part of the project as far as getting the glue to hold once you cut off the wire stitches before fillets. Lots of stress and not a perfect fit. At least for me. Looked great in the end.


    I’m not making the CLC tongue box but in area that needed to be held in place while the expoxy set up I used outdoor “deck” screws (from Home Depot). Some examples the finishing head screw clamped the galley flat stiffeners in place and were driven home and to use the manual’s term “entombed” them when I coated the surface with epoxy. Where the Galley gutter meets the transom I couldn’t get an even glue joint and used the washer head screws as temporaty clamps. Back them out and filled the holes with wood putty.

    Even though the screws are self drilling I drilled pilot holes to avoid splitting the wood. I also did the fine tightening with a screwdriver to again avoid damaging the wood.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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