Hinges and making them rot resistent ?

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    It seems that maybe i should drill out the original holes a bit bigger and then fill with epoxy and redrill the original size so epoxy is on all the walls were the bolt rides. Is this overkill or any one think of any other way to protect the raw wood on the hinges from water?


    That’s the best way.


    I drilled just a bit above pin clearance and then swabbed some epoxy inside using a q-tip.


    bearing sleevesWhile I am sure the provided hinge bolts are more than strong enough for the job, I wanted more bearing surface to reduce wear over time. I went with ¼ inch bolts inserted through nylon bearing sleeves. I drilled a slightly oversize holes, epoxied them, redrilled and pressed in the bearing sleeves. It operates very smoothly. The sleeves are cheap and easily replace when the time comes. Of course one could just get sleeves the size of the supplied hinge bolts.

    1/4" hinge bolt

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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