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    I am thinking of moving the axle on our NT 5×8 trailer towards the back. Currently the tires sit under the door so i cannot put covers on them without blocking the doors.  Using the calculation of 40% of the weight behind the axle and 60% in front I think I can safely move it 4″ to the rear.  The factory location for the 8′ bed is at 42″ from the rear.  I want to move it to 38″ from the rear (and maybe even 36″).  Does anyone have any experience with this or general thoughts?

    Here’s a side photo where you can see the wheel location (no idea how this link is going to work):

    Link to Completed Teardrop posts #1430


    It’s difficult to say without knowing your exact configuration (load, hitch specs and weights). Did you shorten the NT trailer at all? From the photo it looks like the TD is mounted all the way to the back of the trailer. Do you have anything mounted to the front or on the tongue like propane tanks or storage compartments?. If you have not shortened the trailer and indeed the TD is mounted all the way back with no extra load to the front, then it would be better and safer if you moved the axle back as well. Your current setup (including loaded gear in the TD) likely has a very low tongue weight if any at all. You should have about 10-15% of your weight on the tongue while staying under the max tongue weight rated for the hitch. You can test your current tongue weight with a bathroom scale, see Etrailers webpage for a how to

    You can also use this calculator to help you determine the best location for your axle

    With this calculator the Extra weight W1 I would simply sum up the total weight of all your gear and battery in the galley area. Once you have all your measurements and weights you can play with value C – Wheel Center From Rear (your axle location) until your tongue weight is at the desired amount.


    Thanks ArtisticAdam- I could not find anything like that calculator!!  We did not shorten the trailer and the CLC is all they way back.  So total length is 12′ and the bed is 8′.  We have the CLC box at the front and is where the battery and storage are.  Without the box at the front, you are correct, it was unstable or “tippy” as we called it.  I will be pulling all of those number for the calculation tonight and will post back her about what we decide to do in case anyone else comes up with the same idea.

    Thanks again for the info-


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