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    Not change the axle placement? Good to hear, I have been agonising about how far I might need to move my “cut down” 8 X 5 to 6 x 5 axle forwards. The spare tyre can go on the back and the axle can stay where it is. cheers.






    What is the reason for making the deck on the trailer smaller. Couldn’t that extra space be used to put a nice box or could it be that the doors would hit the fenders?



    I am going to wait until my TD is finished (except for varnishing) and then experiment with positioning on the trailer before I decide on whether to shorten the frame or not.  I think the issue will be balance/tongue weight.  I will have my battery inside the galley module, which puts its weight well aft of the axle.  I’ll see how much weight would need to be on the front of the trailer frame where I would build the box to get the right tongue weight.



    A couple changes to the camping “rig”. Aluminum 5 spoke wheels and a tongue box.




    Hi Friz, your rig is looking very smart, and it looks like you have good clearance from the mudguard to the door. Where is your axle placement relative to the back of your trailer base please?

    Also something that concerns me as I wait for my CLC kit to arrive, did you have to play with your mudguard placement at all to avoid the camper body as it doesnt look like you had to jack up the body to avoid the mud guards?


    I bought a Carlex 8 x 5 trailer (I think they come from Tiawan) and cut it down.

    Carlex 6 X 5 (ex 8 X 5)


Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)

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