Reply To: Door fit


There is another issue that happens when you close the door against the seal.  The seal causes the door to bow out 1) between the hinges and 2) at the lower forward corner.  Although I haven’t tried it yet, #1 can be corrected with a stiffener/strongback along the inside of the hinge side of the door between the hinges. #2 is a tougher nut to crack and may require cutting the stiffenermand glassing over. How did thatmwork out Fritz and have you tried closing your doors with the seal installed, actuating rods engaged with the fairleadsncorrectly shimmed aand the cam at the right level so as to engage the door frame (thus lining up the entire rear edge of the door with the shell. Problems 1 and 2 may diminish with foam compression, but for now I am living with them.