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    ~4% completed CLC(Chesapeake Light Craft) TearDrop Kit with Extras For Sale

    Mold is assembled but can be broken down for flat pack.
    #1 and #2 puzzle joints are epoxied, but not stitched into mold yet, so can be flat packed, but they are long.
    All the other panels are still in their freight boxes.
    While the mold can be disassembled for flat pack, the puzzle joints within the mold components are glued.

    Interlux Schooner Varnish x3 quarts

    Foam Roller Covers
    Roller Frame 4″

    CLC Teardrop Camper
    Galley Module

    CLC Teardrop Camper
    Mushroom Vents – Black (pack of 4)

    CLC Teardrop Camper
    Rooftop Vent Kit with Fan

    CLC Teardrop Camper
    Interior Headliner

    CLC Teardrop Camper
    Storage Box

    CLC Teardrop Camper
    Base Kit

    There is no steel or aluminum trailer for sale with this, only the CLC Teardrop Kit.

    Local Pickup Only Watertown Connecticut, I can help you load onto your truck or trailer.

    $3,000 OBO -Save over a thousand dollars vs ordering new if you can pick this up yourself!

    You can email me thru this CraigsList email relay:



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