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    We have about 1/2 can of sapphire blue interlux left from painting the bottom and are thinking we will use it to paint the fenders to match. This brings up a few questions:

    1. Should we rough up the surface before painting? What grit? How rough should it be?
    2. Can we just prime with the interlux paint or should we use something specific for the metal surface?
    3. Is marine varnish a good top coat alone or should we plan to automotive clear coat them.

    We are coming up on this step and I am curious if any of you or CLC has some advice. They appear to be aluminum.

    And to add another twist, as we have gone with Sapphire Blue Interlux Brightsides on the bottom that wraps up about 1.5 inches on the sides we are wondering if anyone has painted the mushroom vents to last.

    I know CLC spray painted their white ones black originally so we could try and find a blue that is close, but we have 1/3 can left and would prefer that they match exactly if it will stick to the plastic.


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    just a thought–you might get a spray can of Rustoleum plastic paint/primer to apply to the mushroom before the interlux brightsides paint. ¬†having said that, not all plastics are created equal, and plastic paint/primer may not stick to this material. the good news is that I found a source of the same manufacturer of mushroom vent on ebay (from an RV supplier in RV heaven in Northern Indiana) for about $12/free shipping so if you do a trial on one of your vents and it fails you can replace it cheaply.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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