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    My kit ships this week. I have a question about the order of building.

    I have the Teardrop and the Integrated Cargo Carrier Box (ICC). I will get the trailer once I have these done (sounds like this is best to save for last, plus I am tight on space).

    Wondering if anyone has thoughts on which to build first. I was thinking about the ICC first since I am new to this (especially the epoxy part). The box seems a little more straightforward that the teardrop and I thought would be good practice for the rest.

    Does it matter at all, would that be a good place to start?  Any thoughts are appreciated.


    Tom B Texas

    Might be best to start with the Storage Box. Smaller amounts of Fiberglass and Epoxy too. Errors can be sanded out and redone. From experience, I can tell you the covering of the shell is a big task so a little practice would be helpful.


    Agreed. Start with the ICC. However, it had its own challenges. Building the drawers is not a problem, but I had some issues fitting them into the ICC. Lesson learned = start with extremely thin fillets! You’ll get lot of good practice doing the whole stitch and glue thing! One more tip: make sure you build the box (and the camper too) on something that is absolutely flat.

    John in Chicago


    I built the teardrop first, then the ICC.  Main reason for this was to be able to use the teardrop before I completed the storage box, given the number of hours needed to complete the module.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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