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    As the weather is starting to warm up I’m getting back to my teardrop camper build. The few remaining steps are to finish up the electrical system, mushroom vents, and headliner. I wrapped up electrical and the headliner this weekend and thought it might be helpful to share my electrical system with others. There are a lot of options for wiring up your camper but maybe you’ll get a few ideas of what to do (or not to do) from my results.

    I posted a write-up on my blog because posting a lot of pictures in this forum is a pain.



    mike–nice job!!  I decided to forgo the Li battery for now, and instead bought a 100Ahr AGM battery.  my tongue weight is already 120 lb so decided to mount the battery under the floor, just aft of the axle, as friz did.  I, too, fretted about drilling more holes in the floor (4 for the carriage bolts to suspend the battery, and 2 for the power leads) but I went ahead and used the drill-fill-drill technique for the holes.  the holes and the heads of the bolts will be hidden by the mattress.  most of our outings will be to state parks where there is power available, but if we end up off-grid more than I expect I might swap the AGM for Li so I can use nearly 100% of the capacity rather than 50%.

    however, finding campgrounds with acceptable shower facilities (as determined by SWMBO) almost always include 30A power!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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