Lithium Battery Cost

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    What are you guys paying for 100 ah lithium batteries?  I see them on Amazon for $900.  That is more than I care to pay/


    I bought a Battleborn battery…. they are rated very high in quality and it has a 10 year warranty.  Be very careful WHAT Lithium 12v battery you purchase….. it’s all about the quality of the BMS (Battery Management System) built into the battery.


    I bought the Battleborn off Amazon for $900. Yes, that’s a big chunk of money, but it’s been worth every penny and it’s actually cheaper than a lead acid battery over the long term.

    A 100 AH lead acid does not produce the full rated power over the entire charge. As it discharges it produces less power. So the lithium battery actually is the equivalent of a significantly larger lead acid. Lithium batteries also last much longer than lead acids. During the 10-year warranty period of the lithium battery, you’ll probably replace the lead acid at least once, probably twice.

    As glcmranger mentions, the battery management system is very important. The one for the Battleborn makes it act like an ideal lead acid. The input and output voltage ranges match in both batteries. The lithium can be short circuited without damage because the bms will shut the outputs down. It can’t be overcharged because the bms will shut the inputs down if the voltage or current is too high. The bms also shuts down if the battery gets too hot. Basically, the bms protects against all the problems that tend to kill lead acid batteries early.

    As a result of all this, over the guaranteed lithium lifetime it’s less than 1/3 the cost of the equivalent AH rated lead acid battery. If you can afford the upfront cost, you’ll actually come out cheaper with a lithium battery. And while $900 is a good sized chunk all at once, spread out over a year it’s less than $2.50 per day.

    I’ve been really happy with mine. It’s made my camping experience much better than it was with the lead acid, especially with the solar panels to charge it.


    Then get an AGM battery which will only last 4 years and weigh 3 times more.



    That seems to be about the going price for 100 ah, I spent about $470 for a a 50 ah from Bioenno power and am using 2-100 watt flexible solar panels from Renology. They are both mounted on the front of the teardrop curved surface ( not ideal) as I did not want to loose storage space on the rack. I am near the completion of my build so I can tell you how this combo is working out but will post this summer when I have some experience with it.



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