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    Diving Duck

    A while back, I had a tire blow out, possibly because of overheating—those tiny wheels spin so fast. I also believe higher rpms may cause the bearings to fail sooner. So, I replaced the 4.8 – 8 wheel/tire combinations with 4.8 – 12 wheel/tire combis.

    The new tires are 4” greater in diameter than the originals so they only add 2” to the trailer height. After doing the math, it does not appear they will make quite as big a difference as I had hoped. I.e., the original tires spin 1,261 revolutions per mile, while the new tires only drop that to 1,008. Still, that might be enough to keep them cooler, etc., and I definitely believe it will be easier to roll the trailer around on the grass. (Fingers crossed)  There is still plenty of fender clearance.


    Highly unlikely it was the speed, more likely lack of grease.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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