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    about to buy the interlux varnish for the teardrop finish – how many quarts do you need to finish the teardrop?




    I calculated the surface area and came up with about 250 square feet.  A quart covers 500 or so square feet, maybe a little more.  4 coats is 2 quarts, and add in a fudge factor and I’d say three quarts should about do it.  Your mileage may vary based on application technique, waste, and if there is more stuff you want to varnish like the galley.

    I did my calls based on assuming the TD is a rectangular solid 8′ x 5′ x 4′.  Added in a 3′ x 5′ surface for the bulkhead and a 5′ x 5′ surface for the inside of the galley hatch.  I did not include the floor board.  Thus (8*5)+((8*4)*2)+((5*4)*2)+(5*5)+(3*5).  It’s rough and probably 10% or 15% on the high side, but is much easier than attempting to estimate the area of the conic sections!


    Just turned my project over and am about to crawl in to “Glue” the base to the sides.  Trying to look forward……..Are there any more responses to this thread.  What is the general amount (quarts) of Varnish needed.  I plan to order the Interlux Varnish from CLC.  But the cost with shipping makes for careful ordering! Frank



    I ordered 3 used 2. I only did the exterior surfaces and the interior bulk head/shelf. I did not do the galley, floor and footwell. I figured the epoxy would be a tougher surface in these areas and UV less of an issue. Mine will be stored inside.


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