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    This forum has been really helpful so far, so I’m coming to you all with another question! I put my hatch on for a trial for for the first time, and it seems like the gasket holds it off quite a bit. When I push down on it it seems like the wood of the hatch is bending a little under the pressure. I’m wondering how tight CLC meant this to fit, as in, when I put the latch on should I make sure it is pulling the hatch tight? As of now I can peek through one side of the hatch and see light through the other side, which I assume means I’ll need some extra strapping to make it watertight? Any suggestions or guidance welcome!


    I wouldn’t push down too hard. It should compress the gasket all around just slightly to create a watertight seal. Mine had a small gap on both sides where it tapers back above the quarter panel. Some 3/4″ surface mounted foam seal did the trick. Take some pictures and maybe the folks here can help with ideas.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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