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    Someone else had this idea using a drill press (I couldn’t find the post again to give credit) and I just did something similar with my hand held drill. It’s a half-inch dowel with four screws in just far enough to hold well but not split the dowel. After one or two uses, the cured epoxy will keep the screws in place. It cuts stirring to a fraction of the time it takes to stir by hand and is simply easier to do. After using it to stir a cup of epoxy, I stand it up to drip into a plastic tray but be aware that if your drill is like mine and holds the dowel at an angle, you can have epoxy drip down into the chuck. Fortunately, not much got in there and it wasn’t hard to clean out but that’s why the tape is near the drill chuck.


    I use and old 1 1/4″ spade bit wood drill bit with the tip ground off and a 8-32 x 1″ screw threaded through it in the center of the spade.  Both work well.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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