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    Newbie warning: this is my first post after some time lurking.

    Would some kind person who’s an actual owner as opposed to a wannabe-owner such as myself please advise the overall height of the unit WITH THE GALLEY HATCH OPEN?  I’ve looked for this information without success – as far as I can work out from the scale diagrams it’s about 2080mm (just under 82″) but would appreciate an actual figure.

    Many thanks.


    Hi and Welcome!

    It’s hard to answer your question exactly because the camper and galley hatch when open height all depends on the trailer you have chosen to use. I had something custom made so can’t help you out. Perhaps someone with the “standard” Trailex model can assist.



    Like John says, it’s hard to answer because of all the variables. These include not only the trailer model, but also the tire size and whether the axle is over- or underslung. With that said, mine is about 81.5 inches to the highest point of the galley hatch when open. I have the Trailex trailer with 12″ wheels and an underslung axle which lowers the overall height of trailer and camper. I don’t have the integrated cargo carrier.


    Like John says, “it depends”…

    I have the CLC standard trailex trailer, <span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>without</span> the under camper storage, and mine max’s out at 87″.  And that’s if I ensure it’s pushed open to the maximum height.

    If you have a very small garage, make sure it will also clear the door opening.  I installed the roof rack, and an extendable awning from Thule, and it *just* clears my door.  I have to make sure it’s fully opened when I back in, and not a “lazy” open.  😉  (That said, so far it’s never been an issue.)



    Thanks all.  I guess I made the classic mistake: stating a question instead of the problem I am trying to solve.  I did this because I was actually trying to solve two problems at once, and who wants to bore people with extra detail?

    So my first issue was garage door height, and I can see that that will have to wait until I have the trailer sorted.  Fair enough and thanks again.

    The second reason I was asking is that I’m thinking of buying a 270 degree batwing awning (to go on the car in the short term but eventually for mounting on the teardrop).  There’s no point doing that if I can’t clear the rear hatch.  So I guess my question should have been “How high above the floor of the camper?”, because that takes out questions of trailer, axles, and under-camper storage – all of which are relevant to the garage door problem, but none of which have an impact on this issue.

    Hope that makes sense.


    So (variables such as trailer, axle configuration, wheel size and tire profile aside) it sounds like if I go for a 2.4m (94″) garage door opening I should be able to make it work, even with the under camper storage.  Which is great.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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