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    I know the website says an average of 250hrs to build the kit but I’m interested in some “real-world” examples.  I have some woodworking experience and access to folks who’ve built clc kayak kits to ask questions.  About how long did it take each of you to build the kit?


    Tom B Texas

    I would estimate 200 hours to build mine with box (Battery and storage up front)

    I didn’t track details but I found it hard to work more than a couple hours unless you were doing a big fiberglass section or big epoxy work.

    I could flip it in single garage so not much outside help was needed. I am sure I could have sanded more too.

    Good Luck with your project.

    I also had a few Beer sessions while reading instructions with no actual work but working thru the thought process to next steps…


    I personally worked to build my Tear Drop Camper every day, and some times late at night , and although I feel for the people who only choose the cabin portion it could be built in 250 hrs or less, but I chose to also build the ICC storage unit, the galley kitchen module and the front trailer tongue storage box as well, and I also included an added design of a night star Gazing Window and an extensive electrical system with 100 watt solar panel , and Thule Roof Rack System to mount solar panel, sink with 10 gallon fresh water tank, 14 gallons grey water tank, as well as the ARB style Pull out awning…..

    Total build 6.8 months ( every day progress)


    Russ M.

    West Chester, OH. (Cincinnati)



    I did the two week course, so 80 hours, plus occasional evenings and an occasional weekend… Tongue box, galley, liner, solar charging electrical system… 10 months additional.  So we started in late spring and had it on our first adventures in late winter.

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