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    Here are a few things that I did to my camper:storage box

    1.) Made a storage box out of a discarded teak picnic table and some cedar.

    2.) Painted the interior foam, sky blue. It makes the interior much brighter. A guy at the paint store recommended first painting the foam with 1/2 PVA glue and 1/2 water to seal it and then using a water based paint over it. Seems to have worked. I then put up stars on the sky to replicate that sky over Baltimore the first night I spent with my wife.

    3.) To get more ventilation without cutting holes in the camper I lined the interior of the doors with double sided tape, then attached velcro. My wife then sewed some velcro around screening to fit in the doors. Can put the screening up and take it down in seconds.

    4.) Bought a rechargeable fan that actually creates a nice breeze and lasts a couple nights on one charge.

    5.) Put up some painted homasote on the panel between the interior and the galley. Now I have a place to hang up some memorabilia.


    all great ideas.

    #2:  how romantic!!

    I especially like the look of the storage box!!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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