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I’m still in the design phase myself but will be starting construction around the end of next month. Storage in the cab & galley section was a big concern for myself as well. My solution can be seen in the following 3D renders.

I’ve opted for more storage in the cab by cutting two wholes for cabinets on either side of the bulkhead leading into the galley space which will be enclosed with a custom built “galley module”. Similar to the galley module most of my electronic components (sans batteries) will be housed between the cabinet sections.

Batteries, secondary storage as well as a 10-18 gallon water take will be in the custom built 8″ base unit. The base unit will be a similar Okoume ply with fiberglass outer shell around hardwood framing. The underside will have an additional layer of Line-X Spray (truck bed liner) to prevent wear and tear from road conditions. Doors leading into the base storage unit will have rubber weather stripping and keyed handles. I’m also playing around with the idea of a 2-toned look with the bottom painted to match my tow vehicle.

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