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here’s a semi-hijack.

I read another thread some time ago about a suggestion to glue the stiffener on before cutting out the doors.  yes, lots of in-and-out thru the transom while getting the chamfer on the stiffener just right.  then I contemplated how to fasten the stiffener to the door while the epoxy cured.

I cut two pieces of scrap, about 2″ wide, long enough to span the  length of the stiffener.  I drilled 2   1/16 inch holes in either end, located so the holes would line up with the CNC cutouts for the door cut lines.  then using cleats on the outside, I used some steel 18 ga wire (thinking it would pull up tighter than copper would due to the strength of steel).  from the inside of the camper, I threaded the wire thru the two holes in each end of each stiffener, poked them through the CNC slots, then got out and threaded the protruding wire thru 2 holes in each cleats, and twisted it tight.  it cinched tightly enough to squeeze the extra epoxy out of the joint as it should.  I have since cut the doors out, have installed the window sills, but haven’t yet fit the doors.  hopefully the doors have held the proper angle shape after cutting.  we’ll see!