Reply To: Headliner


Gap issue:

I am about to install the headliner.  I just dry fitted the headliner and have discovered why some folks are having gap issues.  The #2 forward and back panels need to be oriented correctly  they may look uniform but there is a subtle curve and fit that can only be seen if you first dry fit them.

I labeled them so that is can orient them correctly once I am ready to use contact cement for the install.  I am going to use standard Contact Cement for  a permanent install.

The#1 Forward and Middle panels also have slight curve differences, that require them to be mounted in the one out of four possible ways.

There is a significant overlap on the all of the #1 and #2 panels.  I guess carful trimming is in order.

I am going to just soften the edges with 220 sand paper.  1/2 inch round seems a little too much for me.  I would rather make for a softer edge than to possibly eat up a panel with a router……