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While fitting the top panels into the mold, one of the panels fractured.

I was applying light pressure to the panel from behind mold frame 1 while my wife pushed from the other end to work the panel into the mold when the panel fractured, so I may be responsible for the damage. Regardless, I don’t believe I can continue with this part, so I’ve asked CLC to replace one or both top panels (two or four parts). Ed may recommend a repair with fiberglass tape instead, but I wouldn’t attempt one without advice from CLC. Ed Whigglesworth┬áis managing my account and has been very helpful.

The panel with the more successful fiberglass taping job fractured, so if replacing both panels is not much more costly than replacing one, I’ll replace both. I’ll log the cost of these mishaps as they occur. It’s Sunday, so I don’t expect a reply today. Hopefully, my replacement bulkhead hasn’t shipped yet.

I didn’t much expect to reach the end of project without replacing a part, but I hoped it wouldn’t happen so soon. Hopefully, I’ll be back in business before next weekend. I’m traveling the following weekend and will be away from the house for two weeks.

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