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Bob D.

Thanks for the tip.  I was planning on using a router and am glad somebody tried before I did.  What radius did you use?  Something like half inch?  3/4″ ?    I will be flipping it over tomorrow to deal with the butt block and prep for glassing so I’m nearly ready to round over.


I need this thing done for 6/24 and 6/25 (ARRL Field Day (ham radio thing)).    One door has been cut out after epoxying in the window sill and door stiffener.  It came out and held its shape… for now.   I just epoxied in the door stiffener on the other side earlier today so I’ll cut the door out tomorrow.   I managed to cut the fiberglass for one side short so instead of patching in a very visible place, I just used a whole new piece.  I *might* have enough for the bottom but wasn’t taking chances and ordered 5 yards from CLC earlier this week and it showed up today so I’m ready to go.