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Very nice! I’m not carpenter enough to dare such a thing at this point, but I’ll have enough bulkhead to mount lights and 12V outlets. I’ll wire for 12V only. I can plug an inverter into a 12V socket, but I don’t expect to need it. I’m happy with earbuds, so I don’t need a built-in stereo or speakers, and I always have a laptop, so I don’t need anything like a television, but being online all the time is important to me.

Next year, I’ll take the camper on the road and live in it full-time for several months while traveling the east coast. I want to be completely off grid, so I’ll invest in a solar system with lithium batteries. I think I need one kW-hour per day on average and four days reserve at half that level, so 200-300 watt panels and two 100 Ah batteries. I imagine a wet bath beneath the camper between two trailer slats. It’s beneath a hatch in the floor and soft-sided (but air-tight and well-insulated) so it folds up for travel. Who says this camper is not a mini-Winnebago?

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