Reply To: Door fit


Eric–I am glad to find your advice to glue the door stiffener to the door before cutting the door out.  my only question is do you have a suggestion as how to firmly attach the stiffener to the door while the epoxy sets?  obviously clamping is out of the question.  one quick idea I have is to brace the opposite door against the wall of my workshop using 2X4’s, then using a brace inside that bears against the stiffener on one end and against the location on the opposite door where the exterior brace is.

or, I could drill a few 1/16 holes in the stiffener and the door and stitch in several places, but I’ve already fiberglassed the sides (only one coat of epoxy so far, two more to do) and am leery about punching more holes, all of which will show in the finished product.

thanks in advance