Reply To: Blank vent solution


I got the Rockler 5 star knobs. On the top of the knob I removed the aluminum disk it came with, put a wide flat washer in place and capped it with a nylock nut. On the bottom of the knob I have it locked in place with a standard nut and lock washer.

The only issue I have so far is that that clc recommended ¾” wide 7/16″ high seal is not tall enough to connect firmly to seal against the white shield. The standard ss nut I glued in place stands about 5/32 higher than the highest part of the white plastic. The threaded plastic part of the mushroom cap where the rod screws in comes in to contact with the nut right as the seal touches the white plastic. Not enough to actually seal.

It seals great without the white plastic shield but I like the extra protection it will give. I am going to look for a taller weather seal. ¾” x ¾”  perhaps.

Did you not run in to this issue Bill? Maybe if I’d glued in a low profile nut I’d be ok.