Reply To: Headliner


I’m not at this stage in construction yet, but here is my plan i’m considering for a removable headliner using magnets.

I will be cutting the panels from 3/4″ Closed Cell Neoprene foam. Inside the 3/4″ foam will be embedded steel wire to conform the shape of the headliner pieces to to the curve of the camper shell. ┬áNeodymium disc magnets will be embedded and glued in the foam around the border edges (size of magnets and their spacing will be calculated based on the final weight of each panel.)

The 3/4″ foam will be wrapped in a Flat Knit Automotive Headliner. An additional layer of 1/8″ foam backing cut 1/2″ under the outer dimensions of the 3/4″ foam panel will be glued to the thicker panel. This extra foam ensures no air gap caused by the wrapped headliner.

Finally on the inside of the camper shell I will permanently attach 1″ wide 24 gauge galvanized steel straps along all of the panel seams for the magnets to stick to.

Custom Removable Headliner Construction