Reply To: Headliner


there was quite a thread on this a couple of months ago.  at the time I decided to do some testing.  I still haven’t gotten around to installing the headliner yet, but I will do so later this week.

after some research, I bought a spray can of Scotch Super 77 adhesive (maroon can).  at the time I hadn’t yet sanded/varnished the inside, although I had done so on the inside of the galley hatch on the workbench.  I sprayed a light coating of the 77 on a piece of rubber floor mat, made of the identical material (pkg of 8 2×2 interlocking panels $10 at Costco).  I let the spray dry until tacky. but not wet, as directed.  I pressed it onto the inside of the hatch, inverted it, and left it overnight.

the panel remained attached, and when I removed it, it came off cleanly, as it surely would not have with contact cement, or even perhaps carpet tape.

I bought it at Michael’s with one of their weekly “40% off one item” coupons.  the can says it will cover 200 sq ft.