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I still think the floor is too weak for a 60 lb battery. I think we will see this again. My joints all held. All of my damage came from plywood pulling apart. Granted mine had a couple thousand miles of rough road on it before I had the failure. Nobody puts MTB and gravel races at the end of smooth roads. Just for reference, I have removed all but one of the leaves on the springs and mounted my lights directly to the rear cross member. At this point I’m on my second set of tires (radials this time) and I’m heading out for another race this weekend. I love this trailer, it steals the show everywhere I go. The one thing I would improve is the galley floor. The rest is rolling AWESOME. As far as needing a battery that big. a 100ah battery is only a real world 50ah because to have good battery life you never want to draw more then 50%. Take into account some loss of efficiency over time and the value is even less.