Reply To: Building the hopitat


Installed the transom. Wasn’t looking forward to it, but so much easier than I was anticipating.

The fit only required a minutes worth of adjusting with my tiny finishing plane on one area. There were some largish gaps between some other areas, but no so large that I needed to dam them up before fillets.  Height was perfect.

I wired it in place from the outside which went pretty easy, reaching in with needle nose pliers. At the bottom I only put a temporary screw into the floor at one point, no wires.

15 pump epoxy with thickener was perfect. Not a pretty fillet on the top, but alright. Qtr panels not so good either as the angle is so flat, and I did not remove any wires, so there are lumps.

The glass tape was easy peasy. I cut and epoxied the tape, rolled it up and unrolled in place. No problem there other than a few errant strands flying around. After the fillets had set for several hours I pulled out the wires from the outside.

I really thought this part would be more awkward,recalling shimmying in through the transom hole before, but the access is really super easy now.