Reply To: Building the hopitat


I picked up some more foam brushes today. I have lots of chip brushes left but they are pretty much useless. Hairs come out constantly and embed in the epoxy. That little expense put me over the $20K for this project so far. Rough estimate

In order to use the garage, which is where my wife parked, I had to pave the long back driveway at our house and add gates. $10K.

The other side of the garage was shop and brewing equipment. That stayed, but it was also my serving keezer. That had to go, so I had to build a cedar he-shed. All decked out that was about $3K.

Wife didn’t want to get out of her car to open back gates at new driveway. Solar powered gate openers $1K.

CLC kit $3.5K.

Tools, some I needed, most I just wanted (excuse) $1K

Electronics $.6K

Stuff: cups, rags, table, plastic, sand paper $.3K

Trailer $1.2K.

Too busy for happy hour -$.5K