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ph_up may be high, but Bob is definitely low. I’ve shopped for teardrops a lot, and retail for a conventional teardrop, outfitted like CLC’s model, is well above five grand. Before I discovered the CLC trailer, I considered a Little Guy MyPod. It has no galley, and the basic model retails for $8000. The market is very hot. Little Guy is already sold out of the 2017 model, and when I called a local dealer a few weeks ago, he said I’d wait at least two months. The 5 Wide model from Little Guy, which has a galley and a more conventional shape, starts at ten grand and is also sold out for the model year.

The additional aesthetic value could also surprise you. Check out the Hutte Hut at It’s larger, but the exterior style is similar, and it’s also built from Okume marine ply. This video gives a better idea of the size.

It has maybe twice the interior space and no galley. I don’t want a galley, so this trailer seemed ideal for me until I saw the price. Starts at $63,900!

Here’s a list of teardrop manufacturers:

If the build quality is high and includes all features of the CLC model, twenty grand wouldn’t shock me.

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