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    Thanks @artisticadam, I’ll likely be flipping it this weekend. Did you have any issues with the wheel fenders? Did you have to move them up a little for clearance? Right now, mine are mounted at the lowest setting. I don’t think it would interfere with the shell if I had to go up, but was definitely curious.




    I also just flipped the axle on a Trailer trailer with the 12″ wheels to the ‘over-spring’ position for our teardrop and now have two concerns on the fenders.

    1) The L-bracket for the fender has to be in the highest position for the fender to now clear the tire. Even in this position there is only about 1.5 inches between the underside of the fender and the top surface of the tire (and this is with no teardrop on the trailer.) Is this enough clearance as the springs flex on a bumpy road?

    2) With the fenders mounted in this ‘high’ position, they will interfere with the sides of the teardrop. I considered shimming them out a bit, but that requires longer T-Bolts, the ends of which will then come perilously close to interfering with the side of the tire. Another approach would be to cut an arc off the inside edge of the fender so that it clears the teardrop.

    For any of you that have flipped the axle on a Trailer trailer with 12″ wheels, how did you handle the issue with the fenders?




    I was talking to a guy today who has an interesting idea.  He wants to take the bed off of a pickup and mount the camper onto the truck frame.  Might work!

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)

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