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    I visited with CLC boats last weekend at the Port Aransas wooden boat festival to look over the prototype teardrop camper and pick up any tips on their construction.  I saw that there was slight delimitation of the galley flat at the joint with the bulkhead (about a fingernail width crack).  They had added a pair of metal braces (very nice looking) to reinforce the joint.  Got a picture of the teardrop, but didn’t get a closeup of their galley flat / bulkhead joint.

    Teardrop #1 at Port Aransas Wooden Boat Festival



    Added one layer of 3 inch fiberglass tape to the galley side of the galley flat/bulkhead joint.  I have painted two layers of fiberglass over the tape and will sand it prior to varnishing to make it a little less visible.

    View from the galley

    Here is the interior.  I have added two layers of fiberglass tape (one 4 inch wide strip and one 3 inch wide strips).  This should be plenty strong.

    view from the cabin

    Next, sand, varnish and reinstall the galley.

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)

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